Monday, May 27, 2013

Personal Project: “What’s in Season?” Painted Info Board

It’s finally farmer’s market time! It’s been an extra long winter in Minnesota (it’s still cold), so knowing that I can buy fresh produce means a lot for my mental health. I love going to the farmer’s market and picking out produce fresh from the ground, but being of the generation that traditionally sees produce in the grocery store more often than in the ground, I, like most people, don’t know when certain things are in season.

I’ve always been interested, but could never find the information all in one place. So when I found a flyer with the information together, I decided to make it into a big graphic piece that I could hang on the wall.

The finished product hangs on the wall in my kitchen. I love being able to look at it and plan my meal off what is in season. I also use it to know what is going out of season, so I can be sure to eat it while I still can! It’s both useful and beautiful. It inspires me to make more like it. Got any ideas? -Alice

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