Hello, my name is Alice and I love making things. Specifically I make things out of fabric: curtains, pillow and clothes, but I am also interested in learning wood and paper craft (the list is ever expanding.)  

The biggest reason for my making (and the main reason I started) is because I am a costume designer for the theater. I love to make things I have experience with and I also love to learn new skills and talk to other makers. I love to make things for the finished product, but more than that, I love the process and the personal benefits I get from it. That is what this blog is about, a place for me to share my lessons learned, ideas on making and projects. I want to start a conversation about not just the physical ‘how-to’ of DIY, but also the mental: how making is beneficial to health and happiness.

The blog title, Hacer, comes from the Spanish verb which means ‘to make, to do’. In Spanish, there is no distinction between the two, which I have found to be a truism in my life. When I’m making, I’m doing and vice versa. Putting it together has become a mantra for me. Don’t try to define or distinguish, just ‘hacer’, whatever that means for you.

If you'd like to talk about making or anything you read on this blog, email me at alice.l.fredrickson [at] gmail [dot] com.